The Elos Vale is wrought with mystery. Largely unexplored and formidable wonders, both natural and unnatural, surround the land. Rare is the cartographer that has the courage or endurance to make the treck very far beyond the borders of the Central Kingdom of Oakwood. Small towns and cities litter the land around this central kingdom, but the early settlers elected not to stray far from its comfort. This isolated environment has created a thriving internal trade system with a single central governing power and very little threat of external conflict and war. The surrounding lands have become a makeshift border, but for those few that are courageous or foolish enough to brave these harsh landscapes, untold treasures may await. Whether it is within the towering monuments beyond the shifting sands to the south, the catacombs of the ancient lords in mountains to the north, the mysterious, seemingly endless forests to the west, or the quicksand-wrought swamps to the east, there awaits adventure, wealth, and for many, an early, gruesome fate.

The Celestial Crystals